I’m not sure where Mansi took this picture. Based on some of her other recent submissions, she was at some kind of amusement park recently, so I believe we can deduce that this picture came from there as well.

I love how she’s knocked out the background, added a nice gradation and then used Percolator stars to suggest a celestial dream choo-choo train.

Even if the train is chugging along on a magical mystery tour somewhere out past Venus, I appreciate that tracks still cast a shadow. I really like her use of Percolator on the train itself, very well done. I would guess she had to do a fair amount of work on the train to get it just right before bringing it into Percolator.

I’m thinking there was some layering going on here as well, but I’m not sure. Actually I am sure, since the tracks and ties and their shadows aren’t percolated. It appears a lot of work went into this picture.

Percolator is one of those apps that I thought everyone would be finished with a year ago. But every so often, someone comes up with the perfect usage for it. Mansi has done that here.

And I love the suggestion of the little boy atop the train. Not sure what it was originally, or if she put it there, but I see a little boy having the ride of his life.