James Clarke

James has been doing this series for some time now, always experimenting with color, contrast, textures to convey the most ephemeral and most massive of daily natural phenomena we encounter – clouds in the sky. Who hasn’t lain in the grass and watched the clouds move across the sky like a herd, changing shapes in a play of sun and shadow, or watched thunderheads mass on the horizon or wisps of clouds turn pink and orange and purple in the light of the setting sun?

I frankly am at a loss to say why I like this one so much, but I will try. I like faux blue duotone effect, perfect balance of light and shadow, the detail of the clouds far in the distance, with the hint of the mighty sun behind the big dark whale cloud in the front which is, after all, just condensed mist. And are we at the beach or on a prairie or the desert? Wherever we are, some serious cloud drama unfolding. Like so many pictures that come into Pixels, this one just makes me wish I had been there.

Was going to link to Judy Collins’ Both Sides Now, the cloud song, but found this instead. There was something seriously wrong with the video encoding, so I am posting the original version of the song instead.

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