Damian De Souza ~ Ghosts

Damian’s work always excites me. His images are strange and bold, often bordering on grotesque, infused with intelligence and a sly humor. Great composition here, triangle of face, dog-cloud and light, lots to look at, and a perfectly muted palette of greys, pale greens, and taupe. Excellent.

Here we have the stranger moving right into our space/face on the walkway. Is he friend, foe, or neutral? He has shiny buttons and rings on his fingers, so he is probably okay. The dog in the background by the wall seems to be undergoing some sort of dimensional transmutation … or perhaps that is simply what a dog looks like in the quantum soup that is reality and no one is looking directly at him, thereby creating his dog form on this plane of existence. These are the kinds of things Damian’s pictures make me think about.

In the Garden Gate gallery the other day, a sculptor stood in front of Damian’s piece I Dance For Love for at least a half-hour, maybe longer, studying it, talking to his friend about it, asking me how he did it. I got the distinct impression he was trying to figure out how to turn Damian’s vision into a sculpture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone stand in front of one picture for so long. Damian’s work has that effect on me, too.

I cannot find I Dance For Love on the site.  I wanted to link to it. I am publishing it below.

And, for some reason, this picture made me think of this song. I’ve never seen the video before, but it seems marvelously appropriate to the picture for some reason. I think it’s the warping.


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