David Schuster ~ Terrestial Element 5

David Schuster ~ Terrestial Element 5

When David started posting here a year-and-a-half ago, his work was often quite “photographic,” although he clearly spent a fair amount of time experimenting with apps. In my mind, he was a “real” photographer who had found his way to iphoneography. Given the infrequency of his early submissions, I would surmise he was still holding on to a DSLR most of the time. But his work has always been tasteful and very well-composed. His Windy Day is a perennial favorite—Michele Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis told me it was their favorite picture in last years’s show we did at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, Mobile P1xels, and it was very highly voted by the judges for the THIRD WAVE—I can’t tell you how many times people asked me how David did it. (I have no idea!)

He has gotten much more prolific in the past year and he has evolved and grown rapidly as an iphonic artist. I’ve mentioned it before, but I will say again that it is one of the great pleasures of running this site to watch artists develop their own vision along with perfecting their craft, occasionally witnessing a breakthrough, or a number of breakthroughs over time.

I noticed a major shift in his work recently: abstracts, organic, sexually suggestive, complex, bold, sinuous, jagged, mystifyingly beautiful, in colors from dreams. As I went back to see if he had had a recent Daily Pic, I noticed he had taken Karen Divine’s iphonic art intensive workshop just a few weeks ago. Coincidence? I think not!

(Update) David writes:

I thank you Knox for all your kind words and your time to write this great piece. I am humbled. I am excited about the new work I am exploring. I attribute this to Karen Divine. Thanks Karen. She is a great artist and an inspiring teacher. She got me pointed in a good direction. I suggest that if anyone has an opportunity to go to one of her workshops they need to go!

I am so obsessed with iPhoneography that I sold all my camera equipment the last six months. In fact I am more than obsessed (infatuated, fanatical, fixated, consumed by…, engrossed by.., haunted by.., captivated by.., riveted by..).

I am wondering if this obsession is a DSM IV classification.

If it were not for you Knox and your great web site I would be stumbling around searching for expression. Thanks.

I love this image and I think that this new Depeche Mode song, Heaven, is a perfect compliment to it.

Heaven by Depeche Mode. People ask me if I ever use new songs for the Daily Pic. Usually I don’t, for a couple reasons: 1) the craft of songwriting has almost been lost, thanks to hip-hop and rave/club culture, as well as rock/pop bands being a few generations removed from the roots of modern popular music: the blues and Tin Pan Alley; and 2) music is so compressed and loud now that I cannot stand the sound of it most of the time. For more on how the digital revolution has almost ruined both recording and photography, listen to this.

Which is one reason why I love iphoneography so much. There is air and beauty in the mix!


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