Catriona Donagh

Catriona has done two amazing water pictures lately. “Daybreak” is another stunner.
About “Calm,” Sean Hayes wrote, “Perfect. Perfect composition. Perfect light. Perfect colours. Perfect.” And I agree. When I looked at his comment, it just hit me that this picture should be featured as a daily pic, even though I had already put it in the {second look.sunday} post the other day.

And I think the perfect song for this picture would be Brian Eno’s “Julie With” from his 1977 album, Before and After Science.

The Daily Pic sponsored by P1xels—The Fine Art of the iPhone.


For a completely extraneous story involving Before and After Science, go to the next page.
One night in February of, 1978, I stayed up all night in my North Beach flat, painting the living/dining room. I had a pint of rum, some cocaine, a black beauty (pharmaceutical dexedrine), a couple packs of Camels and some beer. And the paint, of course.

I painted all night long listening to the slow side of Before and After Science, from which “Julie With” comes, over and over and over. At about 11 a.m., I cleaned up and walked over to the Washington Square Bar and Grill for four vodka/grapefruits. Then I took a cab to the dentist for a root canal. He said I smelled like a distillery.

I drank the rest of the afternoon and the early evening in preparation for the Sex Pistols’ final concert at Winterland that night. I remember that it was the strangest energy I’ve ever experienced at a concert. It was crazy. I was crazy. I had taken a very cute, but relatively straight Earthgirl with me. We were way high up in one of the old lighting booths, which circled the auditorium like crow’s nests stuck to the walls. There were other crazy people in the booth. We were throwing things at the stage.

When the concert was over, she didn’t want to go to the backstage party, so my backstage passes went to waste. She was very sweet. I wonder what ever happened to her.

I can’t listen to “Julie With” without thinking about that two-day run.