Liz Grilli

There is much going on in this deceptively simple self-portrait from Liz Grilli.

Each quadrant conveys a different story, evokes a different emotion. We have the soft look of a lover gazing at the object of her desire from shadowed eye in the upper right. In the lower right, the full lips and chin are smudged and the there is deterioration wafting off her neck and jawline and the unsmiling lips are set not in sadness or anger, exactly, but resignation. Things really begin to dissolve in the lower left: detail is lost, the picture is scratched and scuffed, the lips  losing definition and shape and the lower part of her face just fades into the dark areas, streaking like beams of light through deep and turbulent seas. Then we get to her right eye, on the left: ravaged, it seems smaller than the right eye and possibly not quite in the right place. The textures around the eye suggest bruised flesh and the jagged lines of creases or tearing suggest  the wounded psyche of someone who has seen too much.

Full circle, all about soul, lots of it.