Donny Falgatter ~ Untitled

Donny Falgatter ~ Untitled

As the wind gathers leaves
so it sometimes gathers men
who, in that gathering learn the
measure of the wind’s intent

It has been a long quest
to fathom that moment,
to know the movement of the
season of simplicity and clarity

Who can ever know when it begins?
It is imperceptible and is only revealed
through the passage of time and the
weaving of finches through branches

So I will again gather wood and feathers,
and dream of roots beneath pines and
search sandstone for instructions
I will walk among the tribe of trees

I will consider clouds and seek
uncommon ore, play music to no one
but the distance and study the evolution of
weather to understand the song of echoes

I will be guided by the path of hawks and
will chronicle thunderheads to encode that
memory into each stitch sewn onto patches

I will know the release from labor brought
by the vapor of sage and eucalyptus and
I will follow rain until it spends its fullness

W. L. Winter, The Gathering Wind

Fratres by Arvo Pärt