Elodie Hunting ~ This Is Not About Words

I am reminded of the old Iggy Pop song, “Gimme Danger,” produced by David Bowie.

“Gimme danger/Little Stranger/And I’ll heal your disease”

Ever seen those fund-raising marathons on public television, where they never stop haranguing you for money and then make a promise what will happen if a goal is met? I have two Iggy Pop stories. If we do $500 today, I’ll tell one. If we do $1000, I’ll tell two. If we do, $1500, I’ll tell who really killed Nancy Spungen (It wasn’t Sid Vicious!)

And when we fund the new website (please tell your friends, tweet it, put on Facebook: the link is http://indiegogo.com/P1xels), I’ll go back to writing real essays on the daily pic again.

So there you go: tried and true marketing gimmicks as taught in MBA programs around the world to squeeze every dime out of every human transaction possible. Hey, it is the P1xels’ way now!



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