Dax Curnew ~ Fertility Pod

Hell, I don’t even know where to begin. To put it simply, this is just an astonishing piece, representative of everything that I love about iphonic art. Its impact is visceral: this is not about theory or modern art narrative, this is about life exploding from the screen as well as from the womb. I love the abstracted fields of golden grain, the earthen energies swirling up around her legs. The stylized halos—as machine parts?—of celestial light encircling her. Her huge belly with what seems to be a golden imprint of a child (or am I imagining that? It’s there!) She stands there, calmly, gazing heavenward, a conduit, as only women can be, for all the swirling currents of life and time and spirit that comprise our existence in this plane. I am going to leave it at that.