Gladys Constanten ~ Forbidden Fruit

I was talking to Elodie Hunting yesterday and she said, once again,”Knox, we know you love flowers and women: it’s all Venus.” Alluding, I suppose, to the fact that in my astrological chart, Venus is in Scorpio. Which means, apparently, the I cannot tell the difference between love and sex and also that I never fall out of love with any woman with whom I have fallen in love. I am happy to live this way.

Which is why this image struck me with it suggestive eroticism and implicit sexuality. I’m not sure what the source images were. At first I thought perhaps a pear overlaid with a woman’s thighs, or breasts, but the more I look at it, the less certain I am. I didn’t notice the little glittering appendage in the crevice at first, either.

One can read all sorts of things into the image, all kinds of bulbous bits bursting boldly into beautiful bongo beatitude.

Because I was too tired to write anything worth reading, I felt, I went on a two-hour journey through the historic blues on YouTube looking for a video to go this this piece. I started with Strange Fruit by Billie Holliday, which I thought would be wonderfully appropriate, but I had never listened to the lyrics before: the song is not about sex as I had presumed.

In any case, I couldn’t find a song about food that was really about sex to my liking and somehow I discovered this strange bootleg recording of Keith Richards figuring out Please Please Me by the Beatles. As someone points out in the comments, something magical happens at the 1:30 mark …

Just like there is something magical about Gladys’s Forbidden Fruit.

I highly recommend clicking on the little thumbnail in the upper left corner after the video has played: Keith talking about George Harrison.