Glenn Homann ~ Bloom

Glenn Homann ~ Bloom

I simply love how Glenn has captured the innocence  here, implicit, dreamy, almost archetypal.  Absolutely beautiful.

Happy Sunday.

In My Life ~ The Beatles

I am, at the moment, rather overcome with emotion. I have just downloaded the final build of the Preview Issue (which will be free on the Apple Newsstand) of our new magazine, iPhotographer.

It is, in a word, stunning.

I accidentally embarked on this journey—iphonic art, iphoneography, mobile photography—in late November of 2009. I was simply trying to get some pictures of Maia’s and mine onto a gallery wall in Berkeley. I kind of conned the guy into doing a show. I built the P1xels site. I had no idea what I was getting into. A very strange ride. Someday, not today, I will tell the whole story. :)

In iPhotographer Magazine, working with everybody, many well-known and loved on P1xels here, we have created something unique and wonderful, fun and beautiful, truly unlike anything out there. I smile when I think about the reception I believe it will receive, 95% of the time.

It’s been almost five months, working day and night, seven days a week, and I’m a little burnt out. But I’m also very excited. On the verge of release in the Newsstand, getting slightly anxious as well. You know, the little doubting voices … I tune them out!

The great thing about the magazine is that it is not P1xels, although there are elements that are certainly informed by P1xels. So P1xels can stay P1xels. By the way, my developer is finally going to implement all the final and noticeable changes we planned and raised money for with Indiegogo last year. He’s a musician, a drummer, and a fantastic developer, what can I say? It’s taken a while to finish. The back end stuff has been done, but now the user galleries, retina display, etc. are going to happen. Yay!

Of course I want to thank everybody involved with iPhotographer Magazine, by name and more, but I’ll wait until we actually launch for that!

So yes, In My Life …