Glenn sent this picture in with a note asking me if I thought this image was somehow inappropriate and, if not, what should we call it? Well, as everyone knows, appropriate is my middle name. So of course I said I would publish it. My first impulse was to call it “Vaginas,” but then I thought that might be too harsh, and not funny, and really inappropriate. So I suggested “The Innocents” to Glenn and he liked that.

These sweet girls seem to be unaware of the madsplatter “street art” on the wall behind them and that is as it should be. .01% of graffiti could be considered to be art and the neatly inscribed “vaginas” in that modern calligraphic script arguably lurks murkily in that rarefied place, if only for its absurdist humor.

This is Norman Rockwell for the hip-hop millennium. And God have mercy on us.