Hi all-

I’m taking a break from the {daily pic} for a bit.

Though it has long been one of the truly pleasurable parts of my day, I need the time each {daily pic} consumes to pursue and promote my own creative endeavors and dreams. I estimate the {daily pic} alone has consumed seven months of my life, based on a forty-hour work-week, over the past six years.

Look for a {weekly pic} next Sunday. And I have a huge backlog of the old {tumblr} posts to republish and revisit—I’ll do those daily, so don’t despair!

I am considering different options for the future, especially when we launch the new site, along with better ways to cross-promote P1XELS and iPhotographer Magazine.

The swirling sucking vortex that is Facebook and its twenty-million unsearchable groups and galleries seem to be impacting P1XELS. I hope the new site, with individual user pages that can display Flickr & Instagram feeds, along with forums like the community once had with iPhoneArt.com, will create a wonderful new oasis—the site I’ve always wanted to build—for us.

Sustainable, searchable, and permanent. I hope that means something to you.

Happy New Year!