Clint Cline

It’s been very enjoyable watching Clint evolve as an artist: he’s gone through many fascinating phases. I’m uncertain as to his techniques, i.e., which apps he has adopted and discarded along the way. That part isn’t important, really, but it is always interesting to see his current explorations manifest themselves as finished pieces.

I get lots of what I consider to be sketches or experiments or half-finished works submitted here at Pixels: artists trying new apps, new combinations of apps, excited and in a hurry to post, too much of a hurry, often. Clint isn’t like that, from what I see submitted here by him. He is patient, fully developing his ideas and craft.

He has a unique approach to pictures, often mathematical in their precision. Graphic, geometric, with wonderful, complex, and rich color palettes, they are never cold or even cool: there is warmth, intelligence, and often an undercurrent of humor in his pieces.

This picture is one of several that came in today from Clint. I love it. The deeply-lidded amber eyeballs floating in a non-specific space. The small horizontal line to give us a sense of true space: there is an up and a down, a left and a right. This is important and it’s a great touch. Otherwise, the image would be 2-D.

So … I guess we are in Clint’s Fractal period. He may have even moved on into some other direction already. We shall see.