Jamie Stewart ~ Lunar Caustic

This picture reminds me of an old H.P. Lovecraft story, like the Colour Out Of Space. Gothic horrorshow and happy Sunday as always, my droogies.

“Lovecraft’s stories are first of all about tone and perspective, often narrated by a deranged protagonist who has made horrifying discoveries and gazed beyond the horizon of ordinary reality to see gibbering, flapping creatures dancing to a tuneless flute played by a shambling thing in a monk’s robe with tentacles where its face should be, somewhere across aeons of incalculable time in the bottomless blackness beyond space and time. The perfervid language and fanciful settings and non-Euclidean geometry and rugose cones and eldritch undead squid-beings – pretty much everything essential about Lovecraft.” —Andrew O’Hehir, Salon.com