Johanna Streich ~ Solve et Coagula

Johanna Streich ~ Solve et Coagula

I was on one of my frequent Die Antwoord YouTube binges, sharing links over chat with my good friend & developer Gustavo. He sent a link to the the video below. A song I had somehow missed. Listening to it, its simple, repetitive and unapologetic beauty, I thought,”Well, this song is going with the {daily pic} tonight.”

Then, of course, the question is what image would go with the music? I was just about to go to the site and start looking through the last fews days’ pictures, but as I listened to the song the second time and it got to the end where Yolandi says,”Be Happy,” this image of Johanna’s popped in my head: there was no question about it.

Johanna occupies a special place in the P1xels’ cosmology. She is young, beautiful, smart and bold. Her images are at times terrifyingly honest as she stands naked before the optical sensor, undeniable erotic energy swirling.

But the two words that come to me when I look at her images:

  1. Courageousness
  2. Vulnerability

And I think this music is perfect for the image, and vice versa.