John K. Murray ~ Inuit Alien

At first I thought Lanie Heller had made this piece. But then I realized it was by her good friend John K. Murray and that she had submitted it for him. The piece reminded me of Judy Chicago’s famous work, The Dinner Party, for some reason, which may be apparent to some of you. So I put this video up with the piece and then I realized it wasn’t Lanie’s, but rather John’s work. Not sure what John had in mind when he made it, but I know what I thought of when I looked at it.

Judy Chicago, the instigator and co-ordinator of the project, stated that its purpose was to “end the ongoing cycle of omission in which women were written out of the historical record.”
The table is triangular and measures forty-eight feet on each side. Each place setting features a placemat with the woman’s name and artworks relating to her life, with a napkin, utensils, a glass or goblet, and a plate. Many of the plates feature a butterfly or flower-like sculpture as a vulva symbol. A collaborative effort of many female artists, The Dinner Party celebrates traditional female accomplishments such as textile arts (weaving, embroidery, sewing) and china painting, which have been framed as craft or domestic art, as opposed to the more culturally valued, male dominated fine arts. The white floor of triangular porcelain tiles is inscribed with the names of a further 999 notable women.

The Dinner Party is an amazing, powerful piece of art. Worth reading more at wikipedia