Kathryn Delany ~ Amelia and Her Butterflies

Kathryn Delany ~ Amelia and Her Butterflies

Kathryn writes:

Amelia had a very puritanical upbringing. As a young woman she was required to sit with a straight back. She was expected to embroider, paint, sew and know how to run a household. Expected to do what elders and parents tell her to do. Fit a mold.

As a child Amelia was allowed to run free in the fields behind the manor with the wind, with the butterflies. As she grew older, adults shut down her wild impulses. So while she conforms to her environment and time, her body is there. However, her spirit is soaring with her butterflies, the earth, the sun and fresh air. Her little smile tells you she has secrets.

While conducting polite conversations, she runs and flies as high as she can. She is about to break out of the cocoon and stomp on traditions. She will fly despite the odds.

She will be reborn again and again as she touches the sun.

Ruby Tuesday by Franco Battiato