Knox Bronson ~ Intentional Hopper

I’ve never had a Daily Pic! Nov. 10 is my birthday, so I thought I would initiate a change in policy for this day only. As always, send complaints and/or praise here, or call me at 510-612-6124, or report to your nearest secret Facebook group to raise objections.

I took this picture at 8th & Mission less than a month after I launched P1xels. Back then, I think Maia and I were still only using Toy Camera, BestCam, and Tilt-Shift Generator. There weren’t that many apps back in those days.

I shot this empty building and, as luck would have it, caught some guy way off in the distance through the door. He was standing on the Mission Street side (you can see the light streaming from another front window on the right). I used our then limited palette of apps to create this finished piece, reminiscent to me of Hopper, hence the title. Presumptuos? Perhaps.

I look at it now & think about how I would app it differently today. Mostly I would clean it up a bit, and I am not sure that would improve it at all. I still like the color palette a lot, the vignetting, the composition.

While a majority of my pictures are shot on the street, I have a reputation for not liking “street photography” or photography at all. This is simply not the case: I simply don’t like boring pictures. The wonder of the iphonic art medium is that we can take a decent picture and transmute it into a kind of magical realism, something striking, evocative, and personal.

I received a note today from John Seed, art writer for the Huffington Post today, letting me know he had finished judging the THIRD WAVE submissions. He wrote:

You know, I was surprised to discover what I liked: judging this show took me into a new zone.

I wrote back:

I’m really happy to hear this. I have believed in the medium since my first show almost three years ago – when I saw work coming in from around the world and a handful of artists really working at it – like painters! Very early, very basic, just finding their way, but clearly working toward something, a personal vision.

He replied:

When you say “like painters” that is a bullseye. Being a painter I was very attracted to work that had a strong painterly aspect or which went beyond what I expected from straight photography.

There you have it. Iphonic art à la P1xels in a nutshell.

Happy Birthday to me.




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