Lanie Heller ~ Keep Off

Lanie Heller ~ Keep Off

Happy Sunday.

Sea Lion Woman ~ by Greg Hale Jones

This song was originally on his “Tree Of Ghosts” cd, actually a much shorter version. He rearranged the song (this version) for the opening sequence of the movie, The General’s Daughter.

I remember the first time he ever played me the song in his studio at 11th and Folsom in San Francisco. It opened with a finger-picked banjo. I hate banjos. Before the song went fifteen seconds, I said, “Turn the banjo around backwards.” He stopped the playback, highlighted the audio track, reversed it, and replayed the song from the beginning. What you hear here is what we heard.

We both loved it.

I said,”Backwards always works.”

Greg nodded in agreement and said,”Yes, backwards always works.”

I said,”Except when it doesn’t.”

He said,”Except when it doesn’t.”

That backward banjo part and the catching of an impossibly high and wildly twisting pop-up ball as a little league shortstop in 1962 at the age of 11 remain the crowning achievements of my life.

Greg left us in 2005. He was an amazing talent and as good a friend as a man can have.