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Lu Guada ~ The Intruder

This is a strange picture. You can probably count on one hand then number of “self-shadow pictures” I’ve published over the past two and half years. They do nothing for me, most of the time. But this one is irresistible: the creep factor alone! A blonde with a red hat, topless, skimpy bathing suit, kneeling in the sand, skin glowing in the reddish light of the setting sun, so engrossed in whatever it is she’s doing she seems oblivious to the intrepid stalker, I mean, picture taker coming up from behind and casting a long shadow at last falling across her lovely form.

So the picture is great. And Lu Guada cannot, I repeat, cannot app a picture in any way except beautifully: he is such a master of his craft. I love what he brings to every image. This picture is no exception: everything in the frame takes you to the shadow of  his head on her back. In the foreground, it is dark and foreboding where he stands and watches and his shadow is blurred: on her back, the shadow is crisp and there is no mistaking that his intent is focused only on her. Nothing else exists at the moment. In the distance, hints of sea and blue sky, but even the implied horizon is off-kilter. There seem to be ghostly hints of her shape elsewhere in the image.

This is a dark picture, even as she dallies without a care by the edge of sea.