Luba Luft ~ If you fall, you fall alone

Luba Luft ~ If you fall, you fall alone

Luba does these strange, haunted, surreal interiors, rich in color and detail, always beautifully apped, and … just … odd. I love this image. Not sure what kind of room this is. A wobbly one, that’s for sure. The soft organic chaos of the crumpled sheet on the rigid and stalwart metal chair … standing strong against the warping of the walls and doorway, of the basic tenets of reality … each element makes the others seem somewhat off-kilter or wrong … giving birth to undercurrents of horror and humor, simultaneously. No small feat.

The title reminds me of some graffiti scrawled on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, in the old days, when the Hells Angels hung out at Pepe’s Pizza next door to the Mediterraneum Cafe, filled with beatniks and hippies, and the Blue Cue Pool Hall, in whose waters some very serious pool sharks swam. Outside, on a wall: “Surprise is 4 walls and no floor.” Word.


This would be a very good room in which to listen to …


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