Maia Panos ~ Bunny

Longtime P1xels artists and fans know that Maia’s work was the inspiration for the creation of our first gallery show and the P1xels website. She assisted me in many ways in the first couple of years, helping to hang shows, advising in matters both aesthetic and of P1xels policy, i.e., curation and site development. She contributed financially, helping to underwrite the early shows, as well as travel to shows and the early Apple events around the country (which were crucial for P1xels and the iphonic art movement itself in establishing credibility as we navigated, in the early days, the reefs of cultural, institutional, and corporate acceptance).

In short, the iphonic art movement, as it was established here on P1xels, and from which all other sites and “mobile art” shows have benefitted in our wake, owes much to this extremely talented and generous woman.

And it is no secret my appreciation for her artistic talent, dedication and determination. I have never seen another iphonic artist work as hard or as long on an image as Maia. She obsesses over every pixel and has been an inspiration to me and many others in that regard.

Maia has a way of capturing and depicting animals and their personalities, their very identities, in a way I have never seen another artist do in any medium. It’s not just love that emanates from these pictures: it is a fundamental respect for the … the bunny … the rooster … the cow … the sheep … Maia’s vision is a celebration of each animal’s personality and soul: its essential being, unique in the cosmos, every bit as responsible for the daily creation of the universe as we sentient humans.

I love the bunny. That huge hind foot and the short perky ears: perfect!

On the eve of our third annual global show, THE THIRD WAVE, I thought it might be interesting to look at the movie I made from the very first exhibition we ever did, Pixels At An Exhibition, which opened January 30, 2010. Look at the work people were doing then compared to the work people are doing now. Kind of mind boggling, although there are many wonderful and timeless images in this collection.

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