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Martta Kelly ~ In Memory Of Muriel

Martta Kelly ~ In Memory Of Muriel

Everyone feels grief
when cherry blossoms scatter.
Might they then be tears –
those drops of moisture falling
in the gentle rains of spring?
—Otomo no Juronushi (late 9th century)

We cannot behold
the beauty of the blossom
enshrouded by haze –
yet steal us their scent, at least,
spring breezes blowing from the hills.
—Yoshimine no Munesada (816-90)

How many times now
have I crossed over hill crests
with the image
of blossoms leading me on –
toward nothing but white clouds?
—Fujiwara no Shunzei (1114-1204)

The pathway I marked
when last year I made my way
into Yoshino –
I abandon now to visit
blossoms I have not yet seen.
—Monk Saigyo (1118-1190)

Thoughts still linger  –
but will those who have parted
return once again?
Evening is deep in the hills
where cherry blossoms fall.
—Shinkei (1406-1475)

A fallen blossom
Returning to the bough, I thought –
But no, a butterfly.
—Arakida Moritake (1473-1549)

Yesterday and Karma by Osamu Kitajima (with Minnie Riperton) Released in 1977, if I remember correctly.

In memory of Muriel.