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Meri Walker ~ What A Wonderful World

Meri Walker ~ What A Wonderful World

I don’t know quite what we are gazing at here: a starry night up through … what? … a trellis for pole beans? Or sweet jasmine? A tee-pee for garden gnomes? It doesn’t matter really. The spiraling lattices that encircle the  uprights in their conical form impose a beautifully imperfect structure on the chaotic swirl of the stars in the sky. This picture seems almost foreboding on first glance, but as I look at it, it conveys a sense of the mysteries of the night heavens and I find it to be most enchanting and intriguing. Beautiful work, perfectly apped.

And I think this is absolutely perfect music for this picture.

Happy Sunday.

Nuages (Clouds) by Claude Debussy, from his three-part Nocturnes (Nighttime), Pierre Boulez, Conductor