Merrill Mack ~ What? You’ve never seen beasts before?

This is another image that just said “Daily Pic” the moment I saw it. It cracked me up, and I loved the title as well. Merrill wrote and said “Beasts” was a typo, it should have been “Breasts”, but thought “Beasts” was so funny, we should leave it as is. I agree completely.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Merrill today on the phone. She lives across the bridge in Marin County. We had a lovely conversation. She is new to P1xels and, I am assuming here, relatively new to iphoneography. I love her work. She has been involved with the Marin Arts Council, the Marin Photography Club and the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art for many years. She is seventy years old and brings an experienced artist’s eye to her work, based on the wonderful images I’ve seen from her so far.

Welcome to P1xels, Merrill.


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