Mo Ruddy Burkhart ~ Sage

I was scrolling down the page, looking for tonight’s daily pic, came to this one, thought “This must be it.” Saw that it had ten “likes.” Thought, “Why fight the tide: it’s unanimous.”

I actually do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe the timelessness of this shot. The frame works incredibly well: one of those rare instances, so a great choice by Mo. The lighting and desaturation are sublime: one half of his face almost washed out, the other shadowed, like two different boys, cleft on chin and upper lip accentuated and demarcating them. He watches, waits, adrift as the the tethers of childhood loosen in mists of melancholy, but he is not fighting it. Rather, calm acceptance is manifest in his knowing. Indeed, a sage.

What wonder is to be unleashed on the world through this ethereal being?