Natali Prosvetova ~ Captive Of Time

Natali is one of the hardest working iphoneographers out there. She produces a lot of work and clearly, a lot of work goes into her images. She is never just applying a couple of filters to some random street shots and sending in five a day. I always see the intent in her pictures. And she’s always pushing herself, with her subject matter, with her apping. She never stands still. She has a very upbeat and positive attitude as well, which I appreciate.

I love the simplicity of this shot, the humor, and how she manipulated her subject’s face, mirroring it and then fusing two together. She told me he is a very good friend of hers, a real sweetheart, and she uses him as a male model quite often. This is a very well-put together image. I love the newsprint in the background, the antiquing and desaturation Natali chose. And I absolutely LOVE HIS HAT.

Well done, Natali!

Time by David Bowie, live in 1987, Glass Spider tour.