Natali Prosvetova ~ Shoebox Stories series. Ghosts of the Past (2)

Natali Prosvetova ~ Shoebox Stories series. Ghosts of the Past (2)

This is one of those nights where it gets very difficult to choose a Daily Pic: so many excellent pieces to choose from. There was a reason I used to do the “Sunday Second Look” feature way back when: to showcase all the other best work from the past week, pieces that should or could have been the Daily. I just do not have time anymore: it was a minimum of five hours every Sunday. I’m sorry. I miss doing it & I enjoyed the feature myself. One of these days I’ll get back to doing it. Maybe I’ll do it in the new magazine. That’s a thought.

What a haunting and sweet portrait this is. Natali started with a perfect capture and has apped it beautifully.

This is the sound of the planes in the night
Coming out of the darkness and into the light
Shining alarmingly, curiously bright

This is the sound of those murderous drums
The marching of footsteps, the twisting of thumbs
Over and over again, here it comes

We’re lost
(Baby, come again, don’t let me fall)
We’re lost
(Baby, come again, despite it all)
We’re lost

Tell me the story ‘bout when you were young
I want to hear it again
Leave in the parts where the hero gets stung
I want to savor it, I want to play it again

This is the sound of a baby’s first breath
The dying of footsteps, the touching of flesh
To hold in your memory, to keep by your chest

We’re lost, so lost

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