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Nicole Dalesio ~ Hats Off

Nicole is new to P1xels. Welcome Nicole!

She came in to the Garden Gate Center with with her husband and children on Saturday. We had a lovely conversation about everything that is happening in the world of iphonic art. She even teaches a class in iPhoneography.

I finally asked her to see some of her pictures. She showed me some on her phone and I was very pleasantly surprised. I said, “I really like your work, will you please send some in to the site?”

She did and here we are.

For this picture, she got her husband to lug a ladder up to a picnic site on Mt. Diablo, which is about fifteen miles east of Berkeley, where she made made a series of images. She told me she wanted a very crisp silhouette with nothing in the background, which shooting on the mountain allowed her to achieve. Yes, that is her husband up there on the ladder on top of the picnic table, way up the mountain.

I love the concept and the strange humor of the piece. Nicole has apped it beautifully, the gradated sky streaked as if it were a cloud chamber in a particle accelerator. I must wonder if the umbrella is a sly reference to Cartier-Bresson’s photograph of the man with the umbrella, walking away in the misty park, the name of which escapes me at the moment. And the hats swirling into the distance … shades of Magritte. Mostly I love the bold graphic lines of the table, the ladder, and the silhouette of the man standing atop, holding the umbrella. And the color of the sky.

Contact sheets. Choosing the image.