Paul Toussaint ~ mirror mirror

A word to the wise: I am hoping, if the artists will cooperate, to begin publishing a little information from them to accompany the daily pics as we move on into 2013. I’m going to have to get a little more organized and, like I say, it will be dependent on the cooperation of the artists. See Paul’s comments below. Thank you, Paul!

I just think this piece is great, very reminiscent of one of Paul’s earliest images, The Rose, which remains one of my favorite works of his. This is a bit of a departure for Paul: a very different color palette and he’s also using a couple of apps I’ve never seen him use before, to great effect, I might add. Paul brings such a great sensibility to his pictures: a blend of urban, street, country, artistic, camp, pop … and here very artistic and painterly underpinnings in the layering, contrasted with the torn edges and the disparate and bold treatments of the individual eyes—wonderful and a great juxtaposition of energies.

I always see a lot of thought, consideration, intent, and experimentation in his pieces. Like all my favorite artists, he’s always moving forward and it’s always a joy to see what surprise he has sent in.

Paul writes about this picture:

“I was giving a short lesson in iPhone photography and explaining what I can do with image and the use of applications.
My subject was my morning waitress at a local diner.  I said let me take a photo of you behind the etched glass and ill app it for you.

It started to snowball right away because I knew what apps I wanted right away  snapseed, percolator and Photofx.”

Click on the “Continue Reading” link below to see the original and intermediate images Paul used for this image.

Boy by Ian Hunter (of Mott The Hoople) and Mick Ronson (David Bowie’s guitarist and arranger). Written after the end of Mott and the Spiders From Mars as a message to their old friend David Bowie, who was sinking into a very serious cocaine addiction that lasted for years. Kind of amazing he lived, really. Sweet they wrote it for him, I’ve always thought.

Boy, you’re getting out of hand
You’ve got to make a stand
So put the coke away
Boy, you’ve got to do the show
Got to let the people know
You’ve got the strength to stay

I can see you run
I can see you hide
For your heart is aching
Lost in a dream of what might have been
You’re the guy
You’re the number one
And your knees are shaking
Stand and deliver in an endless dream




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