Pierre Hauser ~ The Tang

Architectural photography is a very specialized endeavor, not one I know a lot about. I do know that there are those who devote years, if not decades, to the development of their craft in that area. I would never think that the iPhone, with an optical sensor instead of a lens, would be much use for this kind of work, either.

That said, we’ve seen plenty of wonderful architectural work over the years here on P1xels. Much of iphonic art is about overcoming the limitations of the device. As Henri Matisse one said,”Much of the beauty that arises in art comes from the struggle an artist wages with his limited medium.”

This piece by Pierre is so beautifully composed: the intersecting lattice structures in angular juxtaposition to the textured planes of the buildings.  They converge into a compression point from which erupts the fractal chaos of a cloudy blue sky. Great composition, play of shadow and light, form and line.

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