Pixels At An Exhibition opened January 30, 2010

Pixels At An Exhibition flyer

Carl Jung said there are no coincidences. I find it most interesting that the Mobile Masters Sessions at Macworld are happening on the third anniversary of the opening of the first ever gallery show of iphonic art, Pixels At An Exhibition, at the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley.

This was our original flyer. I took about forty pictures of myself in a mirror, using Toy Camera set to random, with the idea of doing an homage to René Magritte’s Son Of Man.

sun of man orig

What a fascinating three years it has been.

Yesterday, I got to see some good friends and artists from the iphoneographic community, Marty Yawnick, Rudy Vogel, Cindy Patrick, Karen Divine, Elaina Wilcox, Paul Toussaint, and of course Dan Marcolina, who has done an amazing job of putting the event together, and I got to meet some other really cool people like Stephanie Roberts, Mo Ruddy Burkhardt, Richard Gray, and Jack Hollingsworth, and more.

We were dealing with tech stuff, setting up for today, hanging around, talking about all kinds of stuff. I took a bunch of them to an old haunt of mine, the Hotel Utah, a great dive bar a few blocks from the Moscone Center. We then went over to Jillian’s, which is across from the Moscone Center where we were able to get a private banquet room and had a great dinner around a big table.

I’ll report more tomorrow.

In any case, Happy Anniversary to the iPhonic Art Movement!

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