Damian De Souza

This should be horrific, like the bizarre animé from Japan in the nineties featuring strangely mutated super-heroes and super-beasts, but there is an element of humor—the cascading halo of water spray around the creature’s head—along with the sunny radiance of the seaside that renders this image into pure unquantifiable Damian-De-Souza absurdity. And I mean that in the absolute best possible sense.

This is one of those pictures where I don’t even know where to begin and I just shake my head in wonderment and appreciation. It should be hanging in a museum. The subtle touches: different textures applied to the wall on either side, as well as the different “shredding” of the garment, the rippled water rising ominously in the not-too-distant horizon.

One strange frozen moment, rendered beautifully, in such a frightfully beautiful manner.