The 1716 ~ Near Trinidad, Cuba

Rad Drew ~ The 1716 ~ Near Trinidad, Cuba

From station to station
At this velocity
We meet with Iggy Pop
And David Bowie

Get Trans-Europe Express (Remastered) by Kraftwerk.

And this is the video I should have attached to this great picture of Rad’s. But didn’t find it until today.

When I first thought to Hobo’in, Hobo’in
I took a freight train to be my friend, oh Lord
You know I Hobo’d, Hobo’d, Hobo’d, Hobo’d,
Hobo’d, a long, long way from home, oh Lord

Yes, my mother followed me that mornin’, me that mornin’
She followed me down to the yard, oh yeah
She said, “My son he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone,
Yes, he’s gone in a poor some where, oh yeah.”

Yes, I left my dear old mother, dear old mother
I left honor, need a crime, oh Lord
Take care of my child
Take care, take care of my child

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