Kris Torma

I find this image to be irresistible. I assume the girl is one of Kris’s daughters. The colors and the fonts used on the sheet music convey a time long ago: the creasing of the sheets and the layout give the image the slightest bit of  a modern edge. I love how the sheets fall across one another, how the red title page defines the neck area, with a bit of a filigree right under her lips. There is a cubist element at work here. A bit of Dada, too. I love the black background: it brings forth everything else in perfect relief.

When I look at a picture like this, I wonder how much time went into the preparation of the images. Layering like this doesn’t happen by accident: there is clear intent with a specific goal, or vision, in mind.

And we can make out a few words: “The very … The still … in love …” I think we are looking at a love song! And I think an old-fashioned love song is in order.