T. Wendell Peek ~ Isabella

It’s no secret I love Wendell’s work. He does such amazing stuff with patterns and color and layering and then, more layering. I think maybe he took some of the same blue wedge acid I was peaking on the first time I heard I Am The Walrus.  Potent permanent brain-chemistry-altering alchemy. He also uses mirroring to great effect, which is an effect that rarely works for me.

Anyway, I spent the day fixing up the Press page and the Past/Upcoming Shows page on the site: really impressive when I take a look at everything we’ve done over the past three years.

I was also doing a bunch of work for the Mobile Masters book and MacWorld stuff for P1xels artists at the behest of Dan Marcolina. Remember: January 30 in San Francisco: MacWorld. I’ll be speaking along with a bunch of other people, all of us frogs in the tiny, but wonderful pond that is iphoneography, landing on the lily pad that is MacWorld! It’s going to be a lot of fun and another step, one of many, along the way to  pushing all the great art being made, and the medium of iphonic art itself, out into the Zeitgeist.

Must run. Time for a break. I’m thinking a burrito and Argo.

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by the Electric Prunes. What is incredible about this song is that the band managed to get their record label to underwrite and release eight albums, that’s right, eight albums based on ONE hit single. That is a world record in the realm of the one-hit-wonders. Well worth it, though. I mean who can forget the classic Electric Prunes In F Minor?



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