T. Wendell Peek ~ Starlight Day

T. Wendell Peek ~ Starlight Day

“Borne on the winds away
Taken for a ride
Into the night land starlight day
Over on the other side…”

—T. Wendell Peek, from his song Long As The Moon Will Roll

Wendell wrote me after listening to my birthday message to my brother, Nate, and said that he was thinking about his sister and mother, both of whom died in the early seventies and created this picture for them. He included the excerpt from the song he had written in their memory long ago.

Wendell and I like to joke about dropping massive doses of acid back in the sixties: I am certain it warped both of us! And at this late stage of the game, I am at peace with that. I can assure you that being a true hippie is not for the faint of heart, but that is a tale for another day.

I love Wendell’s psychedelic images, the vibrating colors, the electric motion, the controlled mayhem of shape and chaos of form, but most of all the soul in them, which always shines radiantly through.  His work enlivens and illuminates, the product of a generous spirit. I am grateful for his contributions to P1xels.

The Candle Burns by The Beatles

Supposedly, this recording was found on a discard tape reel in a dumpster behind Apple Corps headquarters in 1970, with no attribution. There is much discussion online as to the authenticity of the tape.

According to the the book, The Colour Of Your Dreams (The Beatles’s Psychedelic Music) by Stuart Madow and Jeff Sobul (Dorrance Publishing, 1992), the recording is indeed authentic.

They write: The Candle Burns is really kind of scary. Listening to the song in darkness in an altered state  might actually be dangerous. … Unfortunately, the song never experienced advanced production and recording stages, and thus never developed. But you can tell, even from this rough, simple version, that it might have achieved masterpiece status. The song hints at psychedelic genius.”

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