Theresa Knoblock ~ Looking For Youth

I woke up this morning or I came to at some point in the afternoon and remembered I had a website that required my attention, or something like that. It’s vague: I’ve been working like crazy on my Macworld presentation: The Secret & True History of The Art of the iPhone. I’m the last one to speak after a whole day of speakers and I’m wondering if there will be anybody left in the audience. I guess that will depend on whether there is free booze being served anywhere by that time. If there is, I’ll be talking to an empty room. But I’ll be prepared!

In any case, at some point today I logged in and promptly discovered three wonderful self-portraits by an artist new to P1xels, Theresa Knoblock. A great way to start the P1xels day I can assure you. I knew instantly that one of her pictures would be a daily pic. Tonight I had the difficult task of choosing between the three of them: I’m still going back and wondering if I should choose Mother’s Gone Baby Jane Again—a great picture and the title alone kills me.

What to say about this image? Bold, funny, intense, and beautiful. I love the play of light and the soft shadows curving around her face to give definition to her lovely bone structure. Smeared lipstick is always a plus.  Beyond that, the slight blurring, texturing, and graininess on her left arm works very well, contrasted by much sharper definition of her right hand. The gradual vignetting and tonal flattening at the bottom of the image is a very good touch as well.

Theresa knows what she wants us to look at. And so we do.

Your Painted Smile by Bryan Ferry


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