Therese Cherton ~ The Tattooed Woman.

I don’t know what apps Therese used to achieve this image. My first impression was that this was some new app that I hadn’t yet encountered … and I’m sure that’s true … and that it was an interesting image that people would probably like, so I published it. While looking for tonight’s daily pic, I kept coming back to it and looking at it closer. I have decided that a lot of work went into this image before she ran it through the app that puts in all the black lines and geometric shapes. And she might have done some layering after that. I have no idea!

The picture just keeps growing on me. I love her pose, hands flat at her sides, legs sort of crossed, the glimpse of pink thigh, the crazy red dress, how she bursts out of the jagged background of pinks and blacks and pinkish greys, the convex framing in the corners, the placement of her right foot, her tiny round head and her bright red lips.

But, mostly, I just like the the simple strangeness of the piece.


Song To The Siren by Tim Buckley

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