Natali Prosvetova

It’s probably not a secret that I am not a huge fan of abstracts. A lot more come in than get published. I’ve never studied abstract art, love Rothko, hate Pollock. So I can’t discuss it at all, much less defend my curation. I look for the same things in abstracts that I do in the pictorialist work that is the bread-and-butter of Pixels: composition, cohesiveness, appropriate apping, color, or lack of, as needed, visceral impact, the implicit story or stories, but most of all it is the artist I want to see in the work … and this is pure Natali – bold color, bold experimentation, clockwork mirrored and solarized, the insectoid splash at the center, hinting of bee, the repetitive circles and gears … chaos and light and humor (a Natali trademark) bursting out of the machine.

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