Elodie Hunting

Another gorgeous mystery from Elodie Hunting. Her pictures always possess powerful mystical and romantic undercurrents. Energies flow. Trademarks: bright red lipstick on full lips, pearls, flowing and sensuously krinkled scarves and garments. Glowing light. Soft skin of a beautiful girl. Spaghetti straps.

Here we have the headdress flowing sinuously up into the firmament of night like a mutant bridal train. She is as calm and detached as ever. In the sky, an orb glows, but it is not the moon, nor a star. And another light, far and faint in the distance over her left shoulder. A lantern in the mist?

Her thoughts are elsewhere. They are of little concern as she drifts through the languorous currents of the night.

All is well.