Tracy Thomas ~ Surf Fishing

Love the colors, the faux brush strokes, the fishermen in the water, casting out into the reef. Their hats, the shadows, the gradations of blue in the water, the billowing clouds massing on the horizon. I love the simplicity of the moment: it’s all here, right now. Everything. Yes, for you too … right where you are sitting.

Claude Michel Celse ~ Seaside Town, 1948

the reason that I am alive
By Boris Vian

the reason that I am alive
the reason that I am alive
for the tanned leg
of a blonde woman
propped against the wall
beneath the round sun
for the billowing sails
of a sleek schooner
at the mouth of the harbor
the iced coffee sipped through a straw
for the caress of sand
gazing at the watery deeps
turning so blue
descending into the deeps
with the fish
the tranquil fish
they calm the bottom of the ocean
fly above the seaweed hair
like slow birds
like blue birds
the reason that I am alive
because it is beautiful

Mad World Arranged and performed by Nathan Cragg


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