Gordon Fraser

I was of course curious as to whom BRANDT was, so I googled “Brandt photographer.” The first results seemed iffy: one did African photos, one was a wedding photographer. For some reason, I had a hunch that Gordon was not paying homage to either of these two. The fourth listing was for Bill Brandt and it said that he “was one of the most important British photographers of the twentieth century. I went to his site and found this gallery. If you look at the second picture in the first row, you may note some similarities.

This simply wonderful figurative work. I know that Gordon has worked on his lighting a lot. Two years ago, in our first correspondence about shooting nudes (he had—I think—the only nude in the very first gallery showing of iphonic art, the one we did at the Giorgi in February of 2010), he stressed to me the importance of light, especially with the limitations of the iPhone as a camera.

You can see the results of his work here. Stunning.

She is not in peaceful contemplation, as she appeared to me on first glance, but, rather, intense reflection. She’s hunched over. We see, barely, her downcast face, her arms not in naturally restful positions, a glimpse of her right foot under her left thigh, highlights on a cascade of wavy hair, of fragmented curvatures of the feminine form. This is not a flattering picture, though she is very pretty, and young. It is instead beautiful, for it contains vestiges of the wound we find implicit in all works of true beauty.