Frederique Bellec ~ London

Lanie Heller ~ And She Was

I woke up this morning and somewhat later realized I had not done the {daily pic} last night. It was too late to do a new one, so I let Ivo Coric’s wonderful “Red” stand. I was going through images tonight for the {daily pic} and two really jumped out at me. Interestingly enough, both had children running in them, so I thought “Why not do them together?” One can before today, and one for tomorrow.

Both are just amazing shots, even though they are very different in tone. The backdrop of the London skyline as seen through the opening in the concrete, in silhouette with turquoise and grey overtones, contrasts beautifully with the boys running in the foreground. The green vignetting is perfect. And what a capture of motion, the boys mid-stride, with the long shadows on the floor. Great shot, great apping. The overall effect is modern, and slightly surrealistic.

Lanie’s picture is also a great shot, perfectly apped, with a very different vibe: a retro quality, a memory, the ghosts of another time. The girl is smiling as she dances in the foreground.

I hope neither artist will be offended by my putting both these pictures together as a daily pic. I think they go very well together. I must run up to the Garden Gate Center: the first concert under the new management! :)