Roger Guetta

Roger is a man who embraces imperfection and makes it work to his own ends. Much like Brian Eno’s ethos of accepting happy accidents at any stage of the creative process (“Honor thy mistake as a hidden intention,” says one of Eno’s Oblique Strategies cards), Roger works his images in mysterious ways, allowing form and color and thousands of pixels to collide, combine, explode, and coalesce in wondrous ways. This seemingly simple image is a great example of his process.

I love the Warholesque flatness of the red lipstick, as if silk-screened, over the black splotches that suggest a lovely curvature of her lips. And the nose is so strange: the nostrils are clearly defined, but the tip of the nose looks scarred and pitted, with an unsightly red and black smudge on the side of the tip and a strange little red eruption off to one side. It is these flaws from where the beauty and the power of the piece erupt. And the texturing with the antique paper (I think that’s what it is) is a perfect touch.