So often, Damian’s pictures jolt me into remembering some old weird song. The first thing I thought of when I saw this one, was The Mothers of Invention “What’s The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?.” But that song, on their second album, was the beginning of Zappa’s descent into insulting his audience every chance he got until the end of his life.

So, instead, here is “Who Are The Brain Police?” Just a hair less judgmental.

What will you do if we let you go home
And the plastic’s all melted
And so is the chrome?

Who are the brain police?

What will you do when the label comes off
And the plastic’s all melted
And the chrome is too soft?

Who are the brain police?

What will you do if the people you knew
Were the plastic that melted
And the chromium too?

Who are the brain police?

And here’s one more for the lonely and heart-broken on a Saturday night. While I hear the tongue-in-cheek aspect in the early part of the song, I hear real sadness and pain as the song as the song comes to its conclusion, “There will come a time/When you regret the way/You treated me as if I was a fool … ”

I don’t think Frank could handle the intensity of the emotion, hence the direction his later music took, sarcastic, snide, with occasional passages of incandescent beauty, as if to remind us of what he was capable but chose to withhold. As we know, withholding is a form of infidelity. So I find it hard to respect him in the end.

“How Could I Be Such A Fool” is a lovely, complex song and is very sophisticated musically. Zappa was enormously talented, but he squandered it due to the disappointment and frustration from his formative years as a sensitive outcast.

The Mothers of Invention ~ How Could I Be Such A Fool?