À propos of nothing.

I discovered a weird thing last night. I was trying to change the cover image on my profile page here. I couldn’t do it on my computer. There is no problem uploading images to my page, just the ones for my profile and cover images.

I thought I would give a try on my iPhone. Uploading the cover image from my phone worked like a charm.

But changing my profile picture did not work.

What you see on my profile is my Gravatar image.

For now, because I do not have time to troubleshoot this —It’s always something! I did this all on the last site, but clearly the fixes didn’t carry over here.—you will have to go to Gravatar if you want a profile pic here. Your call: they are not required!

I’ve seen other sites using Gravatar, which is why I had a Gravatar avatar to begin with. Sorry for the inconvenience.

ALSO – Very important. If you tried to upload an profile pic using the button on your profile page, you will have to delete it so the Gravatar image can be displayed.

I’m sorry, it has to do with Amazon S3 Cloud, where Pixels resides ~ it is HUGE.

If you are having trouble logging in, please write me.

On a related note, Pixels At An Exhibition is not a social network. Yet. There are forums, because I’ve always heard people bemoan the loss of the iPhoneArt.com forums. You do need to be registered and logged in to post in them.

Also, if you post to your own wall, an image, or an update of some kind, it will appear in the “The Present” section of the site. Note: when uploading images to your wall, you can only post one image at a time if you want it to have a title, put the title in first, or wait until the image is completely uploaded before entering text! (This isn’t an issue exclusive to Pixels, rather an issue specific to BuddyPress, and the third-party BuddyBoss Media plug-in.)

This post just keeps getting longer and longer.

I am still trying to figure out how to roll out this iteration of Pixels. If there is enough interest, I’ll turn it into a social network, where people can have friends, etc. I tried once before, but I couldn’t get people off Facebook. I am hoping that that has changed, given the revelations of Facebook’s egregious invasions of privacy and enabling the undermining of democracy.

As well as the censorship issues on social media.

Pixels is a site for artists and their art.

But you already know that.