Here is a list of the images for the slide show. Everybody who entered, who did not get a print in the Berkeley show, should be on this list, but, as you can see, it’s two hours before the opening and, as a result, I might have left off someone. If I did, please let me know & I’ll get you in it right away. Thank you.
Aldo Pacheco ~ Food Porn
Ale Di Gangi-Bored Girl
Adriane Biondo ~ Leaving Alone
Alexey Tsyganok It was rainy
Ali Jardine Rainy Day Symphony
Allison Pistohl ~ The Wind Carried With It The Scent Of The Sea
Andjelka Jovanic Court_1863
Andrea Bigiarini ~ samsara
Andrea Koerner ~ Autumnal
Andrea Mdos ~ Untitled
Andreas Wolf ~ the crow lives at no 4
Andrew B. White ~ A Planet Like Ours
Cecily Caceu Love, Just Love
Chet Davis Split Boat
Cindi Hobgood Tim Burton’s Tree
Crystal Moody ~ sweet songs of melodies pure+true
David Rondeau ~ Balancing-Balanced
David Scott Leibowitz modelexpo1
Dennis Stein ~ Seed
dj enzo ~ cell
Donna French ~ This Woman
Doran Lamb ~ Fisherman’s catch
Dorthe Rye Rasmussen ~ Angel or Devil
Elaine Nimmo ~ afterlife
Ella Clarke ~ Her Mantra Is Always With Her
Federica Corbelli ~ Feed Your Head
Francesco Di Gesú ~ Rubber Wall
Doug McNamee ~ Frenetic Pause
Frennzy ~ Octopus
georgina rojas another world
Glenn Nelson ~ moon and oak
haleru_ya ~ Thanks, Friend
Hassan Kiyany Walk Away
Javier Siriani ~
Jeff Rosier_Bike Murmur
Jennifer Herbig ~ Blinded By The Light
Jeremy Hindbo ~ Sunflower
Jessy Menchaca ~ My Lips Were Sealed
John Murray ~ Fossilized Androgyny
Karen Liesenfeld ~ Legs
Kevin Moore ~ paintedgraves
Koshi Nishijima ~ May I Join U?
Kuba Maka ~ HID
Lara Victoriano ~ Abandoned
Lene Basma ~ I Am a Festival I Am a Parade 03
Lisa Wadell ~ Let the Wind Blow Through Your Hair
Lola Mitchell ~ when she sings
Lynda Martin ~ Reaching For Infinity
Maddy McCoy ~ Move Me 3
Maija Burnett BerkeleyBart
Mark Daniels ~ Stone Killer
Mark Menke Houston Street. New York, NY
Mark Pechlivanos Trapped 1
Matthew Price ~ 10.16.12 9.54 AM
Mel Harrison ~ In my subconcious at ten past three
Melissa Vincent ~ Top of the World
Michael J. Carl ~ see no evil
Michele Schuster ~ Bitsie
Michelle Robinson ~ Designs By Nature 9 (Spring)
Millo Salgado – Sweet And Tender Hooligan
Nate Forman ~ Untitled
Nico Brons The Eye
Oleg Dimov ~ hello world
Patrick Laforet ~ NAKED
Paulette Traverso ~ Untitled
Petyr Campos ~ Bright Lights
Philip Bishop ~ Watching
Pistolwish ~ Wired
Rebekah Schiller ~ She Stares
Robert Pearson-Wright ~ Squidfall
Roberta Murray ~ Walk Away
Sacha Dohmen ~ Dead End Friends
Sandi Pfeifer ~ She Smiled … And Then, She Was Gone
Sean Hayes ~ The Detritus Series 3
Sofia Verzbolovskis ~ Bairro Alto
Steve Cooper ~ King
Steve Rhodes ~ Occupy Oakland
Terin Christensen ~ Sea Tresses
Tina Rice ~ Crossing The Street
Tom Koch ~ Bodie, CA
Tony DeMartile ~ Spooky Fitch
Tony Jacobs ~ Untitled
Tuba Korhan ~ Playground
Veevs Hansen ~ Summer has finally arrived
Vladimir Jovanovic ~ Marshland
Will Steiner ~ Twisted Carnival
Yvonne Bouman ~ The Early Worker

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