Dreaming of the Sun

‘Summer’ what can I say, except it’s been a bit of a non starter.

I thrive on the sun for inspiration and rejuvenation, as a urban farmer (allotment owner) my relationship with the elements are so fundamental. Our ancestors use to look upon the skies for signs, they were directed when to plant their crops. Harvesting was a ritual never to be missed, our relationship with the sun, moon and stars go beyond our birth.
We evolved through the elements of the galaxies to be birthed into this realm we call mother earth. Our creator being the almighty and awesome God who IS and exists within the universe. He forged our minds to be one with the constellations, sustained our bodies with the rays of the sun and set our life cycles to the rotation of the moon.

However I feel starved of its glorious rays my days seem no longer fulfilled, even the summer solstice was over before it began.

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